Permanent resident (PR) case

To obtain the PR visa, you need to apply in any of the popular and point based immigration programs, i.e. Express Entry system, QSWP, PNP, etc.


What is Permanent Resident Visa?

A Permanent  Residency Visa holder is the one who although not the citizen of that foreign country. However, has been given the Permanent Resident Status after immigrating to the abroad.

The students or foreign workers living in the abroad temporarily are not the permanent residents. A permanent is given the Permanent Resident Card (PR Card) as a proof that he/she is a Permanent Resident Of that foreign country (in case the card holder travels outside of that foreign country). The card holder would require the PR Card if re-enters that foreign country.

What are the Key Benefits of getting Permanent Residency of foreign country?

Being a Permanent Resident of foreign country, you:
  • Can Live, study or work anywhere in that foreign country
  • Can apply for that foreign country citizenship
  • Can get the Health care and most of the other social benefits.


What are the Key documents required to apply for PR of foreign country from India?

  • Sufficient fund’s proof to support the application
  • ECA (Educational Credential assessment)
  • Originals, copies, and official translations of documents supporting the application. Apart from this, educational degree, diplomas, and certificates, personal identification documents and/or sponsor letters and relevant information
  • Skills assessment test
  • Language Test Results (IELTS, etc.)
  • Additional fees
  • Other documents based on the different visa categories.